Fees No transaction fees,
principal to principal trading
Variable transaction fees
Liquidity Predictable Subject to retail exchanges' users and bots
Price Lock-in Lock in up to 4 times the amount of available capital in any supported currency. No charge on leverage Must either keep the end currency in account to sell or exchange must support shorting - incur shorting interest fees. Leverage at variable interest rates.
Operator's Available Capital Deposit Location 3rd party, licensed and insured custodian, air-gapped cold storage in FBO trust accounts of counterparty Comingled at exchange
Settlement Capital available for immediate withdrawals. Transaction on Delivery vs Payment (DVP) basis Throttles & limits. Transactions based on capital available at exchange
Technology Mature, enterprise grade infrastructure with controlled access. New APIs / Open to public /Massive access, subject to overloads during volatility
Security Capital at independent insured air-gapped cold storage custodian Comingled @ exchange, exposed to hacking risk.\
Regulation U.S. FinCEN registered Money Services Business Various, not registered as traditional equity or future exchanges.
Support Dedicated trade desk Online support

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